Dr Klara Bury


Dr. Bury studied medicine at the Universitair ziekenhuis of Leuven and specialized in general surgery (2018).

Additionally there was a  fellowship of pelvic floor pathologies (obstructive defecation, incontinence, anal pains) and proctology (hemerrhoids, anal fissures, fistels) at the UZ Gent and the Proctosklinieken te Bilthoven (NL).
She works as a consultant in the Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis in Leuven and developed a special interest in dermatological surgery.

Patients can visit her for removal of benign (moles, cysts, lipoma, ingrown toenails,..) and malignant (melanomas)  skinproblems as well as anal problems.

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An appointment can only be made after an intake consultation with the dermatologist or after your general practitioner has had direct contact with the practice.