Road Description

"Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”

Douglas MacArthur T.


Sofie De Hertog

Road Description

How to reach us

•By car (Beware: parking disc obligatory)

From the Brussels Ring:

Exit 3 (Henneaulaan), turn left, past the roundabout, first street left = Kleine Daalstraat. Straight on through Kleine Daalstraat untill the railroad tracks and then turn right, park at Heldenplein = beginning Stationsstraat.

From the Leuvensesteenweg:

Follow Grote Daalstraat, past marktplein,left before the bridge = Spoorwegstraat untill Heldenplein = beginning of Stationsstraat.

•By bus: 

Bus 652 - 282 - 272 , stops at Kerkplein

•By train: 

Station Zaventem – 5 minutes’ walk


Stationsstraat 84

02 425 16 60